IUI Can Help Overcome Male and Female Factor Infertility

For some couples, IUI (intrauterine insemination) can help overcome both male and female causes of infertility. This treatment is often recommended for patients suffering from low sperm count, cervical mucus abnormalities, or infertility due to an unknown cause. Dr. Ali R. Guerami can apply his experience at our Dallas, TX, fertility clinic to determine if you are a good candidate and to improve the potential for success of the procedure. 

What is IUI?

IUI is a procedure that involves placing highly concentrated sperm directly inside the female patient’s uterus to increase the chances of successful egg fertilization. By placing the sperm directly into the uterus, the sperms are able to bypass the cervix and have easier access to the fallopian tubes. IUI can be used in combination with fertility medications to increase possibilities for fertilization even further.

illustration of sperm and an egg

IUI places sperm in the uterus to shorten their journey to fertilize the egg and improve chances of fertilization.

The IUI Treatment

Before the treatment, Dr. Guerami will perform a full fertility evaluation to determine whether you are a good candidate. This may involve undergoing blood tests, pelvic ultrasounds, and radiographic evaluation of tubal patency. Once he has deemed you a good candidate, the IUI procedure will be synced with your ovulation cycle. Although this can be performed without the aid of fertility medications, combining this technique with fertility medication can increase your chances of conception. 

Before the IUI procedure, a semen sample will be taken from the partner or donor and the Andrologist will run it through a special purification process to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid, providing a sperm-rich cleaner sample for insemination.

On the day of the procedure, you will be seated on a reclining table and place your feet in stirrups, much like you would for a routine gynecological examination. A catheter and syringe containing the processed sperm will be inserted through the vagina into the cervix and advanced into the uterine cavity so the sperm can be placed directly inside the uterus. The overall process takes only about 15 to 20 minutes and you are able to return to your daily tasks. 

When is IUI Recommended?

IUI provides patients who are looking for a less invasive and more affordable alternative to IVF the opportunity to start their journey to parenthood. It is generally recommended for patients who have been unable to conceive naturally or who have been diagnosed with:

  • Unexplained infertility
  • Mild endometriosis
  • Cervical issues, such as scar tissue or hostile mucus preventing the sperm from adequately accessing the uterus
  • Ejaculation dysfunction
  • Sperm issues, such as low concentration, low count, poor motility, abnormal morphology
  • Women desiring a pregnancy with donor sperm

It should be emphasized, however, that IUI treatment is not the best option for all patients. IUI is generally not recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with:

  • Moderate to severe endometriosis
  • Insufficient egg quality or quantity
  • Blocked, damaged, or diseased fallopian tubes
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Severe male factor infertility
  • Four previously failed IUI procedures

Our team will work with you to explore your options and determine the best treatment option to help you achieve your goals. 

Increase Your Chances of Conception

To learn more about IUI and whether you would be a good candidate, schedule your fertility evaluation with Dr. Guerami today. You can conveniently contact our office online. To make treatment more accessible, we offer two locations in both Frisco and Dallas. We look forward to helping make your dreams of becoming a parent a reality.

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